Friends of the ERC


Herein you can find links to various organizations, centers and other resources who are leading the way in endometriosis. Inclusion herein does indicate endorsement by or affiliation with the ERC.

ERC offers heartiest congratulations and best wishes on his semi-retirement to Dr. Robert Albee, with sincere gratitude for his lifetime of efforts in endometriosis! Congratulations and best wishes as well to David Redwine, MD on his retirement. You can find Dr. Redwine’s works online at:

Tune into the GynoShow! Visit Dr. Eric Heegaard’s companion group to this award-winning radio show at

Ken Sinervo, MD –

Dr. Sallie Sarrel, DPT, ATC MEd, the world’s leading endometriosis-specific PT –

Dr. John Dulemba – a world class robotics expert and endometriosis excisionist.

Cindy Mosbrucker, MD, leading excision surgeon (Washington State)

American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists – the AAGL vision is to serve women by advancing the safest and most efficacious diagnostic and therapeutic techniques that provide less invasive treatments for gynecologic conditions through integration of clinical practice, research, innovation, and dialogue.

Jennifer Ritchie-Goodline, Psy.D. – Dr. Ritchie-Goodline, a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, maintains a deducated clinical and research interest in women’s issues including endometriosis.  Dr. Ritchie-Goodline is a valued Advisor who has worked with the ERC many times over the years and has been a constant supporter of our efforts.

Dr. Iris Orbuch, MD – endometriosis/robotic excision expert

Click here to visit our friends at the Endometriosis Network of Canada

Armand Lione, Ph.D. – Dr. Lione is President, Associated Pharmacologists & Toxicologists, and author of the REPROTOX Database, an International resource aimed at providing scientists, physicians, and government agencies with information on the potentially harmful effects of chemicals and physical agents on human pregnancy, reproduction, and development. We have been delighted to support his work investigating the potential relationship between menstrual collection devices and endometriosis.

Andrew Cook, MD, a former ERC board member and leading endometriosis author and specialist, Director of Vital Institute of Health

The Endometriosis Care Centre of Australia – A multidisciplinary care center with a team of endometriosis professionals, including Dr. Susan Evans and Nurse Jane Marsh, dedicated to providing specialist care for women with Endometriosis and conducting groundbreaking research on the disease. We are delighted to continue our ongoing collaboration with this leading treatment center and its team.

Endometriosis New Zealand – one of the oldest and most well respected international endometriosis organizations

World Endometriosis Society –

Women’s Health Research Coalition – The ERC is founding member of this advocacy network of leaders in academic medical, health and scientific institutions and other supportive organizations, united to encourage coordination and funding for women’s health research.

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals – ERC is represented in this professional education association that brings together health care professionals across disciplines and specialties for evidence based training and network building among committed colleagues.

Woman Can Do – The ERC is a partner is this educational campaign launched by the Society for Women’s Health Research to provide women with accurate information about volunteering for medical research.

The National Pain Foundation – The ERC is a member of this important non profit organization, which was founded in 1998 to advance the functional recovery of persons in pain through information, education and support.

The American Chronic Pain Association – The ERC is a member of this non profit foundation that was established in 1980 to provide support and education for people with chronic pain.

The Primate Freedom Project – The ERC is a member of this coalition dedicated to ending the use of nonhuman primates in biomedical and harmful behavioral experimentation.  The Primate Freedom Project has three components: Education, Advocacy, and Support.  The ERC is a humane charity and unlike similar Endometriosis foundations, does NOT support animal testing. – is the global platform founded and run by leading international researcher and activist, Lone Hummelshoj.

World Endometriosis Research Foundation – The ERC is very pleased to be a part of this international collaboration aimed at fostering global disease research.

RESOLVE – The National Infertility Foundation has been providing education, advocacy and support to men and women facing the infertility crisis since 1974.

The National Women’s Health Information Center – The NWHIC is a free service of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office on Women’s Health.  Our foundation has partnered, for several years, with the NIH in an Endometriosis education collaborative effort.

The Centers for Disease Control Office on Reproductive Health – Government office dedicated to providing statistics and information on reproductive health concerns.

International Adhesions Society – A global organization with the mission to provide information to both patients and doctors on adhesion-related disorders, their treatment and prevention.

Associated Pharmacologists &Toxicologists –

John Blondin & MENDO – Although endometriosis is a female disease, it affects our male counterparts who love and support women in this constant battle.  Realizing that there was little support out there for men like himself, in 1997, John Blondin decided to implement a program, MENDO for Men who Love Women with Endometriosis. MENDO was transitioned to the ERC auspices in 2011.  We are extremely grateful to John Blondin and Carey Lewis for their implementation, support and maintenance of the first program in the entire world to support male partners, and we will do our best to carry out the vision of its founders and look forward to continuing to serve the needs of its community members.

Kerry-Ann Morris, an extensively published author whose projects include “Unveiling Endometriosis: Revealing the Faces Behind the Pain.”