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Many of us have often wondered how we would like to be remembered. Of course, we want to be remembered for our generosity, kindness and successes. Too often, however, we don’t think of these assets as being worthy enough to leave as a legacy when we are gone.

One way to accomplish this is to think about to whom, and why, you’d like to leave a legacy or gift. Maybe you or a loved one you has been helped by the ERC’s extensive support and education programs over the years. Maybe you’re an active ERC Volunteer or a believer in the ERC’s missions and goals. If so, you might choose to leave a legacy in memory of a loved one or for a specific use.

As you are likely aware, the ERC is unique in that we exist solely on donations. We do not charge for membership. Over the years, many generous persons and organizations have made tax-deductible gifts to support the ERC’s causes. Many continue to give generously of their personal and financial resources. While the ERC recognizes the needs of everyday financial obligations, we invite you to keep us in mind when it comes time for your estate planning.

Charitable gifting is an excellent way to gift assets to the ERC, while avoiding unnecessary tax consequences. Another charitable planning technique is to prepare a will and to recognize the ERC, so as to benefit our programs and thereby your fellow Endometriosis friends for years to come. The provision can be part of a new will or it can be added to your existing will as a codicil. Also, charitable remainder trusts are another estate planning tool that can be established to convert highly appreciated assets into lifetime income without paying capital gains tax when the asset is sold. It reduces your income taxes now and reduces estate taxes when you die and it lets you help a charity that has special meaning to you!

The ERC is a special organization that needs assistance from people like you in order to continue our programs. A well thought-out estate plan can help anyone to leave a legacy. Please consider leaving one to the ERC. Your generosity and kindness will be long remembered for years to come. Contact us at askerc@endocenter.org for further details.

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